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What To Expect in our
Zero Latency VR Free-Roam Arena

Sunshine Coast's only full size FREE-ROAM Arena, a massive 200sq metres!!

Step into the ultimate VR adventure! Put on the VR headset, strap into the backpack, and pick up the controller. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the virtual world with your friends. Once inside the game, the possibilities are endless – move and explore freely, just as you do in the real world. You're completely untethered, with no wires or walls hindering your virtual reality adventures.

Imagine slaying zombies, battling killer robots, or venturing through mind-bending mystical realms. Whether you find yourself on a remote island, aboard a spaceship, amidst a zombie apocalypse, or even on an entirely different planet, the virtual world is yours to conquer.

The best part? You'll be fully immersed in the experience, seeing each other as cool avatars and communicating throughout the game. It's time to team up and take on the challenges that await in our virtual reality wonderland.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in the Zero Latency arena, where extraordinary virtual worlds come to life!


It’s a completely immersive Virtual Reality gaming arena experience, for teens and adults. Upto 8 players per game

Zero Latency - Conquer new worlds!


What To Expect in our VR Escape Rooms

The Best selection of Award Winning VR Escape Room!

For those that prefer puzzles to action we we proudly offer an extensive range of 'award-winning' Virtual Reality Escape Room Adventures! Our collection features the very best Virtual Reality games from around the globe.

Unlike traditional escape rooms, our adventures take you on out-of-this-world journeys. Travel through captivating stories and conquer challenges along the way. Suitable for 1-4 players, our VR Escape Room Adventures are rated Easy, Medium, or Hard in difficulty. Excitingly, we have more escape rooms arriving soon, and some of our games will soon be able to host up to 6 players.

Embark on extraordinary adventures like venturing through Wonderland, escaping the Lost Pyramid, solving puzzles in the worlds of Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia, Save Christmas or bravely facing the House of Fear if you dare. There's an adventure for everyone! Our Escape rooms are wheelchair friendly.


Experience a virtual reality escape room in a whole new world! Can you escape in time? It's an immersive gaming arena suitable for all ages.


In addition to our Zero latency Arena, Escape Rooms, and VR arcade games we offer other thrilling attractions like VR pinball, Motion Plus racing sim, and a VR Beat Station! There's something for everyone.
We are your ultimate destination for mind-blowing virtual reality experiences that cater to all ages. Whether you seek thrilling adventures, mind-bending challenges, or simply a unique and immersive entertainment experience, step into our world of limitless possibilities and redefine your reality.

Come and join us for an unforgettable journey where the boundaries of reality are left behind. Discover the Best of Virtual Reality at Sunshine Coast Virtual Reality Centre.

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Monday - 10am-5.15pm (last game 4.30)

Tuesday - 10am-5.15pm (last game 4.30)

Wednesday - 10am-5.15pm (last game 4.30)

Thursday- 10am-5.15pm (last game 4.30)

Friday - 10am-6.45pm (last game 6.00)

Saturday - 9am-8pm (last game 7.15)

Sunday - 10am-5.15pm (last game 4.30)


Bookings outside these hours by appointment.

(Minimum of 6 tickets for outside hours bookings)

Customer Reviews

Tayler D.

Literally the most fun I’ve had in a while!! In my opinion, the best thing to come to the coast in a long time.

Bradley C.

**HANDS DOWN BEST PLACE ON THE SUNSHINE COAST**** It was my first time at zero latency and I can say I was absolutely blown away

Fiona C.

Even better than I imagined it would be. So much fun and an experience that parents can share with their teenage kids together. 

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