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Welcome to Zero Latency Sunshine Coast! We're dedicated to creating an inclusive experience for all. Whether you have accessibility needs or specific requirements, our team is here to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. Join us for immersive adventures where fun knows no bounds, and everyone is welcome.


Zero Latency Sunshine Coast is located in a commercial shopping village in Birtinya Sunshine Coast at the corner of Kawana Way and Capital Place. Car parking availability is subject to the shopping village customer demands with step free entrance from carparks to the undercover walkway from the left of the entrance. 


  • Moving cars

  • People talking

  • External weather conditions

  • Doors closing


  • Car odors (occasional)

  • Coastal air

  • External weather conditions

  • Rubber/tyres


  • Close body proximity

  • Anxiety - car parking

  • Anticipation

  • External weather conditions


  • Extensive car parking

  • Congested parking options

  • Competing retail signage

  • Pedestrians

  • External weather condtions

Entrance & check in

Entry to Zero Latency Sunshine Coast is via a set of manual outward opening manual doors that are held open during normal business operating times. A series of digital screens, fluorescent signage and textured carpet with flecks of highlight blue create a tone of a high technology environment.


Directly ahead is the reception desk to purchasing tickets or confirming prior purchase. To the right is a high tech dance gaming console for two players and to the left is a simulated car racing game. Entry to the Free Roam Room, Escape Rooms and Waiting Rooms is toward the right of reception.​


  • Directional instructions

  • People talking

  • Music (ceiling speakers)

  • Random noises (cars racing & zombies)

  • Beeping and buzzing equipment


  • Carpet

  • Controlled air environment

  • Cleaning products (faint)

  • Deodorants and fragrances (light)


  • Anticipation anxiety

  • Close body proximity

  • Sensory stimulation

  • Apprehension


  • Flurosent lights

  • Digital screens

  • Textured and coloured carpet

  • Prominent retail signage

  • People queueing

Prepping for free roam virtual reality

A dedicated room for preparing for the Free Roam Virtual Reality is located directly to the left from the reception. A small room with dimmed lighting to prepare visitors prior to entering the Free Roam Virtual Reality Room. One side of the room is filled with body harnesses and Virtual Reality guns lined on one wall. Visitors undergo an induction to Free Roam Virtual Reality from a pre-recorded explainer video and follow up instructions by the host. Guests experience significant directional instructions for participating in Free Roam Virtual Reality to stay safe and to properly fit the Virtual Reality equipment.


  • Directional instructions

  • Contrasting sounds and effects

  • Zombies

  • Questioning of instructions

  • Music


  • Carpet

  • Body harness equipment

  • Facial masks

  • Body odors (occasional)

  • Deodorants and fragrances (occasional)


  • Significant sensory stimulation

  • Confusion

  • Disorentation

  • Body harness weights

  • Wearing facial masks


  • Dimmed lighting

  • Confined space

  • People standing

  • Instructional videos

Playing free roam virtual reality

The Free Roam Virtual Reality space is a large rectangular shaped room with a low ceiling. The room is deliberately designed with high contrasting colours and crazy and irregular white lines and patterns to support accuracy in Virtual Reality mapping and the exact location of participants when within a virtual reality. Once the Free Roam game commences and immersive Virtual Reality goggles are put on, the technology is designed to trick the mind into thinking it is in a different reality. Depending on the Free Roam game, the experience can vary greatly. From family fun games of Engineerium where you experience gravity defying and mind bending manoeuvres to age restricted games battling Zombies eager to gnaw on your bones. It feels real.