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Getting Ready to Hop into some Virtual Fun! 🐰

🌈 Virtual Worlds Await You!

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be your portal to incredible virtual worlds every single day throughout the Easter and school holidays, with just a couple of exceptions. (Even in VR, the Easter bunny needs a little breather, right?)

🚫 Our Virtual Gates Will Pause:

Easter Friday and Easter Sunday our VR headsets will take a rest, as our team gets to recharge their batteries (literally and figuratively)

🕶️ Dive Into Virtual Adventures on All Other Days!

For the remainder of the Easter and school holidays, we're beyond excited to welcome you to SCVR. Whether you seek thrilling adventures, mind-bending challenges, or simply to enjoy a unique day out.

🌷We look forward to seeing you in the virtual world!

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